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Dr. Odin Smart Walking Stick With Fm Radio, Siren & Torch- 09

Dr. Odin


Dr. Odin

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Dr. Odin Smart Walking Stick with LED flashlight 09 lets you go for a walk in dark, plays FM RADIO for lonely times and sounds an emergency siren on a press of a button. A walking stick that gives your loved ones that extra strength and confidence to go for a walk alone. Safety is now just a button away with SOS siren feature included. Comes with a firm grip that does not let the hand slip. Easily adjustable and light weight.


  • SOS alarm: The SOS alarm on this Smart Walking Stick lets the user easily contact others if they are facing any emergency or problem.
  • FM radio: This smart walking stick is not only useful but is also helpful in entertaining you through the FM radio feature along the way.
  • LED torch: This LED torch helps the user to be aware of their surroundings in the case of low light around them so that a separate torch does not need to be carried around.
  • Adjustable length: The length of our walking stick is adjustable so that it can cater to the height of any person using it.
  • Rechargeable battery: This product comes with a rechargeable battery which is easy to maintain and charge and does not require any cumbersome processes.
  • Made with lightweight aluminium: The Smart walking stick is made with lightweight aluminium so that it has no extra added weight making it portable and easy to be carried around while walking.

How to Use?

Follow the instructions on the pack.

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