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Dr. Odin Stethoscope With Aluminium Chest Piece

Dr. Odin


Dr. Odin

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Dr. Odin Stethoscope with Aluminium Chest Piece is economical stethoscope which has a chrome plated chest piece with a special diaphragm. It is a compact device with dual frequency and a seamless PVC tubing. The device also has a brass chrome plated open spring frame and soft ear knobs with best sound quality.


  • Versatile design: Aluminum chestpiece and thick tubing provide you the flexibility to hear a full range of sounds and reliable acoustic performance.
  • Safety promise: Dr. Odin professional stethoscope is strictly clinically tested and certified, can be used with blood pressure cuff for medical and home use.
  • Durable tube: Latex-free, seamless pvc tubing can resist stains and oil, very easy to keep clean. The thicker design promises longer tubing life.

How to Use?

  • Position the diaphragm on the left upper part of the chest where the 4th to 6th ribs meet, almost directly under the breast.
  • Hold the stethoscope between your pointer and middle fingers and apply enough gentle pressure so that you don't hear your fingers rubbing together.
  • Listen to the heart for a full minute.