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Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Strengthening Conditioner (16 Fluid Ounces)

Shea Terra Organics


Shea Terra Organics

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16 fl oz Liquid


Egyptian Black Seed & Henna

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Why is Egyptian Black Seed & Henna CoWash

& Conditioner So Great for My Hair?

Egyptian black seed oil, nigella sativa, has been used in traditional medicine to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair. It feeds hair follicles with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Black seed oil is known to strengthen the hair follicle decreasing loss of hair. TheNile grown henna plant is rich in hair loving phytochemicals. These phytochemicals coat hair making it stronger and less brittle.

Why Does My Hair Love Egyptian Black Seed & Henna CoWash & Conditioner?

Heat, chemical processing and nutritional deficiencies cause hair damage and poor growth. Shampoos laden with potentially harmful chemicals often dry out hair and restrict hair growth. Our natural formula utilizes Egyptian black seed and henna to strengthen hair.

Why are Shea Terra's Hand Crafted CoWash & Conditioners Bene@cial for My Hair?

We hand craft all of our cowash & conditioners in small batches to ensure freshness and potency. We start with only the purest mountain spring water. We use the finest, virgin, cold pressed oils for soft and manageable hair. We add generous amounts of raw herbs and black seed oil to support healthy hair growth.

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