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Monsoon Harvest Multigrain Flakes With Raisins And Roasted Almonds

Monsoon Harvest


Monsoon Harvest

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Breakfast made easy with Monsoon Harvest Multigrain Flakes with Raisins and Roasted Almonds. This crunchy, heart healthy, cereal with zero added sugar is a perfect way to start your day. Lightly roasted almonds add a nutty flavour while the black raisins delicately sweeten every bite. Made with whole grains such as whole wheat, rice and jowar; the cereal has less than 5% total fat and 16% of dietary fiber, and 10% of protein. A nourishing way to start the day. This cereal can be enjoyed with some cold dairy or nut milk of your choice. This cereal is vegan friendly. The cereal box is beautifully illustrated, inspired by the goodness of nature and wholesome produce.


  • Nutrient-rich breakfast cereal with multigrain, almond and raisins
  • Made with a blend of whole grains such as whole wheat, rice and jowar
  • Offers high amount of dietary fibre and protein with every serving
  • Gives a perfect start to your morning and keeps you active and energetic
  • Handmade in small batches, this cereal offers a blend of health and taste
  • Great option when paired with almond or soy milk
  • Devoid of artificial colours, flavours, artificial sweeteners and preservatives

About the Brand: Monsoon Harvest is family run food start-up established in 2015 with a deep-rooted philosophy of providing customers with wholesome and sustainable foods. Its products use local ancient grains and produce such as millets, amaranth and palmyra sugar, which are traditionally grown in India in contemporary ways. The product range comprises of breakfast mueslis and cereals and snacks. All Monsoon Harvest products are made in small batches at its FSSAI licensed manufacturing facility in Coimbatore, India. Its products are handmade in small batches by a strong female workforce. The brand believes in offering its clients products that are free from hydrogenated fats, artificial flavours and sugars, and synthetic preservatives and colors.


Multigrain Flakes, Raisins, Roasted Almonds, Salt, Natural Mixed Tocopherols

How to Use?

  • Start your day with a bowlful of this healthy cereal.
  • Pair with hot or cold milk or yoghurt and top with your favourite fresh fruits for an extra nutrition boost.

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