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In a quest to stay fit you switch to healthier snacking and consume a variety of protein bars available in the market which certainly don't go well with your taste buds. When wanting to stay fit and healthy, why should you give up on taste! This is the idea behind MuscleBlaze ChocoBar with 15g protein. Coated in delicious chocolate, this chocolate bar is the tastiest protein bar that you would find in the market. This choco bar melts in your mouth pleasing your taste buds and not to mention the goodness of 15g protein it fuels you with. It is your perfect on-the-go snack that helps you in beating your hunger pangs and stay healthy and satiated for long.


  • Coated in chocolate: Compromising in taste is not what MuscleBlaze believes in and thus this Protein ChocoBar is coated in delicious chocolate to be friendly to your taste buds without compromising on the health and nutrition part. With every bite, you not only get protein but also a feeling of delectably melting chocolate in your mouth.
  • 15g protein per bar: Nutrition in every bite is what this product promises! Each MuscleBlaze 15g Protein ChocoBar that you consume, offers you 15g protein to help you beat cravings and stay at par with your fitness goals. It also helps in maintaining your daily protein intake.
  • Zero added sugar: This delicious chocolate bar has zero added sugar and is thus absolutely perfect for individuals who are calorie-conscious and all fitness freaks who want to stay on the healthier side of snacks.
  • 3g fiber per bar: Each bar gives you 3g fiber that helps you stay full for longer hours and thus avoid eating unhealthy to satisfy the cravings. This helps you in maintaining your fitness goals.

About the Brand: MuscleBlaze is a popular sports nutrition brand founded in the year 2012. It offers an array of nutritional supplements for all kinds of fitness regimen. From whey proteins, mass gainers, weight gainers, pre-workout supplements and much more, MuscleBlaze has it all covered. Every product manufactured at MuscleBlaze undergoes a stringent quality check and verification ensuring excellent customer experience. The end product is made at FSSAI, HACCP - a certified state-of-the-art plant, to ensure MuscleBlaze is the best sports supplement brand in India. The brand comes with a sole mission to deliver top-notch, authentic, high quality, International grades of sports nutrition supplements in India.



Protein Blend (34%), Soy Protein Milk, Milk Protein, Whey Protein), Maltitol Syrup, Humectant (INS 422), Fructooligosaccharides (8.3%), Almonds (4.5%), Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Stabilizer (INS 170(i)) & (INS 415), Rice Crisps, Sunflower Oil, Emulsifier (INS 322(i)), Minerals, Sodium Chloride, Sweetener (INS 955), & Vitamins.

How to Use?

  • Just grab a pack of MuscleBlaze Protein Bar whenever you find it difficult to get over your cravings or hunger pangs.
  • A perfectly healthy snack that keeps you away from unhealthy munching to keep you right on the track of fitness.

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