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MuscleBlaze Shaker with Handle, Grey 700 ml




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Color Grey
Capacity 700 ml
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Gender Men

Enjoy A Well Blended Protein Drink With MuscleBlaze Shaker With Handle

  • MuscleBlaze Shaker with Handle, Grey 700ml is made of good quality material and is durable.
  • It is easy to carry shaker.
  • MuscleBlaze Shaker with Handle, Grey 700ml has a separate compartment that accommodates your protein servings.
  • It helps to blend the protein powder with milk or water to form a smooth drink.
  • The flip flop lid and the leak-proof seal enables you to carry this MuscleBlaze Shaker with Handle, Grey 700ml anywhere confidently.


Benefits of MuscleBlaze Shaker with Handle, Grey 700ml

With its various benefits, is the most preferred of fitness enthusiasts. They can make their without much difficulty and save on time. It will help them to concentrate more on their workout rather than wasting their time trying to make a lump-free protein drink.

  • No strain to make your healthy drink: Are you tired of the vigorous shaking to make a protein drink with the regular bottle? Now you can make a smooth and lump-free drink without much strain with the MuscleBlaze Protein Shaker Bottle. There will be no residue of the protein powder or any lumps when you make your drink with this protein bottle.
  • Multi-purpose bottle: You can use this protein shaker for making shakes, smoothies and even pancake batter. You can use this protein bottle either as a shaker or simply a water bottle. The additional compartment can be used to either carry your protein servings or supplements. The versatile usage of this gym bottle makes it the most preferred.
  • Convenient to carry: It could be a smoothie or a protein shake or simply water you are carrying in this protein shaker. Whatever it is, the leak-proof seal which gives the protein bottle a spill-proof property and the loop top lid makes it very convenient to carry. With all these features you can have the gym bottle handy at all times and carry it with you confidently anywhere.
  • Designed for convenience: You can not only make a smooth and lump-free drink in no time with this protein shaker but also carry it easily. The perfect design of this bottle with a handle enables you to carry it easily during your workout.


Variants of MuscleBlaze Shaker with Handle, Grey 700ml

This perfectly designed gym bottle is available in two colors with a capacity of 700ml.

  • Blue
  • Grey


Where to Buy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MuscleBlaze Shaker with Handle,  Grey 700ml a preferred product?

MuscleBlaze Shaker is made of good quality material which is non-toxic and durable. The leak-proof seal gives it the non-spill property which makes it easy to carry. With the flip cap that is easy to use and the handle provided the gym bottle can be kept handy even during workouts. The best advantage of this gym bottle is making a lump-free drink in no time. It also has an additional compartment to carry either the supplements or the protein powder servings. The tight and secure lid of the bottle prevents your drink from spilling and you can conveniently carry your health drinks without worrying about spills.

What is the versatile usage of this protein bottle?

This best protein shaker can be used not only to prepare shakes and smoothies but also to make the pancake batter. It can be used as a protein shaker or simply as a water bottle.

Can any drink be carried in this gym bottle?

Yes. You can use this gym shaker bottle to carry any ready drink or juice without worrying about spills as it is leak-proof.


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