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MyFitFuel Diet Whey Gold Protein is a 100% pure, premium, instantized protein source which is made for advance workout benefits. Every serving of MFF Diet Whey Gold Standard Protein, Cafe Mocha provides 27.6 gm of 'dry basis' protein and 26 gm of 'as is basis' protein. It is a complete isolate protein with all complete amino acids, which is also rich in naturally occurring approx. 12.7gm EAA, 5.9 gm BCAA and 4.2gm glutamic acid.

This is an advanced protein for individuals looking for a premium protein source and achieve much better results for their workout. When taken in the right daily required quantity, this product helps you gain lean muscle mass and help achieve stronger muscles. Not only this product a premium whey protein isolate with no other protein source, it is also very fast to digest and absorb. Fast digestion and absorption further helps in quick repair of post workout broken muscle tissues and also helps in very good recovery and overall muscle gain. Diet Gold Whey can be used any time like before workout, during workout or post workout. It can also be used during any other time of day when an extra protein source in diet is needed.

Key Benefits:

  • Premium isolate protein: MyFitFuel Diet Whey Gold Standard Protein Isolate provides 100% premium grass fed whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is 100% trans fat-free and has very high bioavailability. Not only this product is cholesterol free but also has almost negligible traces of lactose in it. Every serving of Cafe Mocha flavor provide 26gm As is basis pure Premium Whey Protein Isolate.
  • Rich source of essential amino acids (EAA): Diet Gold Whey Protein Isolate contains a combination all the 12.7 gm essential amino acids in every serving. EAAs or essential amino acids are not synthesized by our body and are required from external source. When essential amino acids combine with non-essential amino acids, together they make complete protein.
  • High source of branched chain amino acids (BCAA): BCAA is combination L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine which helps in muscle synthesis and enhances overall muscle growth. This Cafe Mocha flavor protein provides 5.9gm BCAA. MyFitFuel Gold Whey Protein is high source of naturally occurring BCAA which has more leucine.
  • Supplies naturally occuring glutamic acid: Every serving of Diet Gold Whey Protein Isolate contains almost 4.2gm of naturally occurring glutamine. Glutamine helps in faster post workout recovery and also helps to build strong immunity which helps to fight from bacteria and viruses. Our body post workout is warm and is high prone to such bacteria and viruses and our immunity helps to fight against them helping us to stay away from bacteria and viruses.
  • Contains added DigeZymes: This product contains added DigeZymes which are an advanced form of proprietary digestive enzymes. DigeZymes is a combination of 5 different enzymes such as amylase, lipase, cellulase, protease and lactase. These combination of enzymes helps in better digestion of protein and other nutrients help to get faster absorption of nutrients.
  • 3rd Part Certified Protein Report: MyFitFuel believes in bringing high quality products such as Whey Gold Protein Isolate and backs the nutrition values through 3rd party certified lab reports. You can find the lab report on product page for your reference. This protein is imported and undergoes many different quality checks to bring a high quality standard product in your hands.
  • Free from fillers: This premium protein is 100% free from trans fats, sugar, harmful sweeteners, soy protein, dairy whiteners, skim milk powder, aspartame, preservatives and artificial colours.

Know more: MyFitFuel is the first fitness brand in India in the year 2013 to share knowledge on 100% Transparency including information on fillers and thickeners. In 2017, the brand was the first in India to provide better education on "Dry basis" Protein vs "As is basis" protein."

About the Brand: MyFitFuel focuses on being the best, souring from different countries, they aim to bring innovation which is deeply researched and personalized according to Indian needs. The company aims to help individuals achieve the best fitness with their high quality nutrition. The quality team at MyFitFuel is very particular about every ingredient being used in every batch of their product.


Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa, Permitted Nature Identical Flavour, Sucralose (INS 955)

How to Use?

  • Add 180-240ml of chilled water in shaker and pour one serving in it.
  • Shake for 15-30 seconds to get a lump-free, and creamy shake.

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