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MyFitFuel MFF Whey Protein Isolate 90 is made up of a very high quality, imported and tested instantized protein 90% protein from grass-fed cow milk. Whey is separated from liquid milk (which is 80% whey and 20% casein) during the process of making cheese by adding enzymes in the liquid milk. Separated whey, which is in liquid form, is then further processed to powder form known as whey protein concentrate. Whey protein concentrate is further purified and filtered to become whey protein Isolate. Whey protein isolate during filtration process is processed in such a way that maximum amount of fat, carbohydrate gets removed leaving the high quality protein. This is not only easy to digest but gets absorbed faster than whey protein concentrate. Not only does MyFitFuel Protein mix very well but is also very delicious in taste.

MFF whey protein Isolate is the best choice for pre and post workout and for the first thing in the morning. Whey Protein Isolate due to very fast digestion and absorption if taken within 20-45 minutes after workout helps to increase nutrient delivery and glycogen replenishment. It helps to increase muscle mass and not only helps to you to get stronger but also helps to increase the metabolism of the body which indirectly helps to reduce the extra unnecessary fat in the body.


  • 90% whey protein isolate made from fresh grass-fed cow milk
  • 25:75 ratio of whey protein isolate to whey protein concentrate
  • 28.5gm protein (Dry basis) and 26.5gm protein (As is basis) per serving
  • High biological value protein which helps to build lean muscle
  • Delivers naturally occurring upto 6.3gm BCAA, 4.5 gm glutamine and 13.6 gm essential amino acids in every serving
  • Fast digesting protein for fast muscle repair
  • Ultra-pure lab-tested protein, low in carbohydrate and fat
  • No additional taurine and glycine added to protein spike
  • Highly soluble protein which is easy to mix for a very smooth textured and tempting flavored protein shake
  • FSSAI approved and ISO 9001 certified
  • Free from sugar, soy protein, dairy whiteners, skim milk powder, aspartame, preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours

Know more: MyFitFuel is the first fitness brand in India in the year 2013 to share knowledge on 100% Transparency including information on fillers and thickeners. In 2017, the brand was the first in India to provide better education on "Dry basis" Protein vs "As is basis" protein.

About the Brand: MyFitFuel focuses on being the best, souring from different countries, they aim to bring innovation which is deeply researched and personalized according to Indian needs. The company aims to help individuals achieve the best fitness with their high quality nutrition. The quality team at MyFitFuel is very particular about every ingredient being used in every batch of their product.


Whey Protein Isolate

How to Use?

  • Pour 200-250ml of water in a good blender like MFF Blender (lesser the liquid, thicker the shake) and add 1 scoop of MFF 100% Whey Protein.

  • Shake it for 15-20 seconds and its ready to consume.

Recommended dosage: It is recommended to consume 2-5 servings of MFF 100% Whey Protein daily to complete your protein intake.

To promote lean muscles in your body, experts suggest 1g of protein per pound body weight every day (2.2g per kg of body weight every day) consumed during different times of the day. Some train in the morning and some in evening but the following important serving times of Advance MFF 100% whey protein are recommended: Immediately upon walking up, 30-45 minutes pre workout, immediately after you work out or any other time during the day or in between meals when you require additional protein intake.

Benefits of taking with water: Taking MFF 100% Whey Protein with water helps you to get lean muscle as it reduces the overall calorie intake from your protein shake in comparison to milk. Protein shake in water is also recommended to any individual following a weight loss programme with restricted calorie intake.

Benefits of taking with toned or double toned milk: Adding milk with protein adds calories. It helps to make the shake creamier and thicker. But 250 ml of toned milk will also add approx 150 extra calories in every shake. So, if you are looking to bulk up or to increase weight then taking protein shake with milk will always be recommended.

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