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New Shama Chyawanprash Special (1kg)

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New Shama

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About New Shama ChyawanPrash SpecialChyawanprash is a time-tested  herb based ayurvedic formulation of more than 41 Ayurvedic herbs that aid in boosting the immune system, thereby protecting the body from everyday infections like cough & cold etc. caused by bacteria, viruses, dust and weather change.In Sanskrit, the word ‘Prash’ stands for a specially prepared food and ‘Chyawan’ was the name of the sage for whom this Ayurvedic nutritive formula was concocted to restore his youth & vitality. Thus the name ‘Chyawanprash’. As a health supplement, New Shama Chyawanprash Special can be taken by people from all age groups- kids, adults and elderly people alike for supreme health benefits. Both men and women can benefit from taking chyawanprash regularly. It tastes sweet, sour and a tad spicy, and looks like fruit jam to an extent. It is sticky and has a brownish-black hue. As a proven and rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, New Shama Chyawanprash Special provides multitude of health benefits. Health benefits Of  New Shama ChyawanPrash Special1. Prevents Seasonal Infections:When winter sets in or monsoon starts, the weather undergoes drastic changes, bringing new bacteria, germs and living organisms into the air. Some people fall prey to infections and fevers during these months. Taking New Shama Chyawanprash Special  helps your body in fighting such fungal and bacterial infections. 2. Enhances The Digestive System:If you have a weak digestive system, taking  New Shama Chyawanprash Special regularly may help you enhance it. It helps streamline bowel movements and digestion of foods. The cinnamon and amla in this formulation have carminative properties, and they help prevent flatulence. It also helps prevent constipation, a condition affecting a major part of human population.3. Helps Fight Respiratory Issues:The herbs present in this ancient formulation can help people suffering from long term and chronic respiratory ailments  It actually aids lung functioning to an extent. 4. Helps Keep Skin Radiant & Healthy:Contrary to what many people think, applying beauty products externally on the skin is not enough to look youthful and attractive. What you take in also reflects on your skin. New Shama Chyawanprash Special contains a number of herbs including amla that has vitamin C in good amounts. Those herbs, when taken internally, help skin stay healthy and radiant. So, in a way, eating chyawanprash helps you thwart signs of aging to an extent. The saffron present in this elixir may aid in improving your complexion. 5. Aids In Purifying Blood:People who lead a hectic life, get less sleep or gorge on junk foods frequently get excess toxins in their body. These toxins, when stored in the body, lead to the onset of several complications and ailments. They also hamper with natural blood purification process in your body. Eating  New Shama Chyawanprash Special helps in purifying the blood and eliminates those excess toxic elements from the body.6. Enhances Sexual Prowess:While this is not well known, eating New Shama Chyawanprash Special can help boost sexual prowess and help cope with sexual problems better. For example, the herbs present in this formulation help keep menstruation cycle in shape.7. Assist In Coping With Stress:The herbs present in this ayurvedic formulation actually have a calming effect on your nervous system. So, eating it may help you cope better with stress.8. Sharpens Memory And Aids Brain Function:You have to keep track of so many things in your life and career. It is not uncommon for anyone to forget things at times, even at a young age. Eating   New Shama Chyawanprash Special makes your body fortified with herbs that aid in boosting brain functions and sharpening memory. Apart from adults, kids can also better focus on their studies and concentrate on various activities by eating this ayurvedic elixir.9. Offers Energy For Daily Chores:Owing to workload, incessant multitasking and tension, a lot of people feel a lack of energy in doing things, including daily chores. New Shama Chyawanprash Special contains plenty of herbal extracts that provide your body with enough energy to sail through the daily chores without feeling fatigued or worn out.10. Aids Weight Loss:A lot of obese individuals fail to shed excess pounds because their metabolism is not at an optimal level. Eating  New Shama Chyawanprash Special  helps in stimulating the metabolism and thus aids in losing weight.Dosage:1 Spoon full twice a day, or as directed by a medical practitioner.

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