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Organic India Chyawanprash (500g)

Organic India


Organic India

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length 6.5
width 6.5
height 13.5
weight 736
About Organic India ChyawanprashOrganic India Chyawanprash  strengthens the immune system. It makes your body strong and give the power to fight with diseases. It nourishes brain cells and enhances memory power, increasing retention and recall. Supports healthy heart function. Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. Alleviates cough and  asthma. Promotes glowing skin complexion. It is also very helpful in growth of children.Organic Chywanprash is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic Herbs.Ingredients of Organic India Chyawanprash Amalaki   Phyllanthus Emblica  Cow’s ghee  Sesame Oil  Sugar  Honey    Vasaka Uses/Benefits of Organic India Chyawanprash Prevents Seasonal Infections Enhances The Digestive System Helps Fight Respiratory Issues Helps Keep Skin Radiant & Healthy Aids In Purifying Blood Enhances Sexual Prowess Assist In Coping With Stress Sharpens Memory And Aids Brain Function Helps in weight managementHow to Use/ Dosage of Organic India Chyawanprash1 Spoon full twice a day, or as directed by your physician.Possible Side-Effects of Organic India ChyawanprashNo side effects as such have been reported but in case you notice any, discontinue the use immediately and consult your physician. Precautions to be taken while using Organic India Chyawanprash Do not consume more than the given dosage Read the directions carefully while using the product Store in a cool, dry, and dark place away from moisture Keep it somewhere out of the reach of childrenAdditional Information regarding Organic India Chyawanprash 100% Genuine Product Results may vary with the lifestyle and diet adopted Pregnant & lactating women should consult their doctor before taking any medication or health supplement Depending upon the lighting and screen resolution, the color of the product may slightly vary 

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