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Yuvika Flax Seed (Alsi) (800g)




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Yuvika Flax Seeds   Flaxseeds are loaded with nutrients and high in omega-3 fats   Ingredients in Yuvika Flax Seeds FlaxSeeds(Alsi)   Action of Ingredients in Yuvika Flax Seeds The flax seeds are packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and various minerals   Benefits of Yuvika Flax Seeds Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients and are high in omega-3 fats  It is rich in fiber which can help to maintain regular bowel movements Flax seeds can also work to manage the cholesterol levels in the body  It may aid in weight management.   Ways to use Yuvika Flax Seeds  You can add them in the water and drink   It can be added to cookie, muffin, bread etc  It can be the part of your smoothies and shakes   Storage Instructions of Yuvika Flax Seeds  Store it in a cool and dry place  Avoid direct sunlight  Do not freeze   Additional Information Read the label carefully before the use    

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