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Yuvika Harad Kabuli Grade No. 1000 Super Quality (200g)




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length 15
width 10
height 8
weight 200
About Harad Kabuli Grade No. 1000 Super QualityHarad is a herb which is commonly known as Harade in India and has multiple health benefits. Harad is an amazing herb that can be very helpful in controlling hair loss and promoting hair growth. This is due to the presence of vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium and copper that provides optimal nourishment to the scalp. The oil obtained from Harad seeds is used to improve the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. This helps promote bowel movement and promote easy removal of stool in case of chronic constipation.Ingredients HaradBenefits Helps improve digestion by forming a healthy intestinal environment acts as a helping hand in reducing constipation good for preventing cough /cold helps improve natural defense system of the bodyHow to useAs directed by physician.Precautions  Read the label carefully before use Keep in a cool and dry place Keep away from direct sunlight.

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