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Yuvika Kesar (Saffron Thread 100% Pure & Original) (5g)




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length 15
width 10
height 8
weight 5
  About Yuvika KesarOther than being a strong flavoring agent, Kesar, or saffron is a strong antioxidants and are linked to several health benefits like controlling blood sugar level, memory and eyesight. Soaking Yuvika Kesar in warm water gives a deeper flavor and is usually used in food dishes as a coloring and flavoring agent. Ingredients of Yuvika Kesar Naturally occuring SaffronBenefits / Uses of Yuvika Kesar controls blood sugar levels has healing/ antiseptic powers good for eyesight improves heart healthDosage / Directions to use Yuvika Kesar As mentioned in the product or as directed by physician.Precaution while using Yuvika Kesar Use under clinical guidance. Try not to exceed the recommended dose. Keep away from the reach of children. Read the directions carefully while using the product. Keep the product in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat.Additional Information regarding Yuvika Kesar 100% Genuine Product Results may vary with lifestyle and diet adopted. Pregnant and lactating ladies ought to counsel their primary care physician before taking any medicine or wellbeing supplement. Depending on the lighting and screen resolution, the shade of the item may marginally fluctuate.

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