Buy Amway Artistry Essentails Creamy Massage, 1 Piece(s)/Pack Soft Skin in Malaysia

Amway Artistry Essentails Creamy Massage, 1 Piece(s)/Pack Soft Skin




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Weight 1 Piece(s)/Pack
Type Soft Skin
Concern Skin
Country of Origin USA
Product Code/UPC 111643ID
Formula Cream
Ingredients Natural
Suitable for Normal

Make your skin soft by doing facial within the comfort of your own house with the Amway Artistry Essentials Creamy Massage. It has hydrating and moisturizing ingredients like natural jojoba, avocado, meadow foam seed and shea oils. These ingredients let your finger tips glide smoothly as you massage. With its exclusive hydro lipid matrix leaves your skin smooth and super hydrated. It increases blood circulation and metabolism, leaving skin supple and soft as silk. It is a luxurious way to rejuvenate your complexion while massaging away the stresses of the day. The Amway Artistry Essential Creamy Massage deeply nourishes and enhances the delicate features of your skin leaving it soft and supple.

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