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Axiom Tulsi Juice (500ml)




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About Axiom Tulsi JuiceAxiom Tulsi Juice is a natural product that has numerous health benefits. It is quite effective in cough, cold & raised body temperature. It works against asthma. Difficulty in breathing accompanied by Wheezing, due to bronchial spasm and dyspnea. Breathlessness due to chronic infection, allergy by pollen grains, dust exposed to respiratory tract.  It is very effective in migraine with nausea/vomiting, blurring Vision and sensitivity towards noise and light.It is very effective in all kinds of flu infections & raised body temperature. If taken through the nasal route, it is very effective in all kinds of headaches. It provides instant relief in any type of headache like Migraine, periodical headache of school children, premenstrual headaches, climacteric headaches, headache due to eye strain or on exposure to heat of the sun or light. Benefits of Axiom Tulsi Juice Treats cough, cold & raised body temperature.  All kinds of headaches and migraines. Flu infections & raised body temperature.  Works against asthma.Dosage of Axiom Tulsi Juice Consume as per as required.Precautions of Axiom Tulsi Juice Read the label carefully before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Should be protected from direct light.

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