Buy Basic Ayurveda Castor Oil (50ml) in Malaysia

Basic Ayurveda Castor Oil (50ml)

Basic Ayurveda


Basic Ayurveda

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About Basic Ayurveda Castor OilCastor oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor plant and is increasingly becoming an important bio-based raw material in various cosmetics, soaps, textiles, massage oils, and even medicines. Other Names – Arandi Ka Tel (Hindi), Aamudamu (Telugu), Erandela Tela (Marathi), Amanakku Enney (Tamil), Avanakkenna (Malayalam), and Rerira Tela (Bengali). Native to the tropical areas of Africa and India, castor oil is famous for its oil-rich castor beans.Health benefits of Basic Ayurveda Castor Oil A Powerful Laxative.  A Natural Moisturizer.  Promotes Wound Healing. Impressive Anti-Inflammatory Effects. Reduces Acne.  Fights Fungus. Keeps Your Hair and Scalp Healthy.How To Use Basic Ayurveda Castor Oil Face: Wash your face first in warm water to open up the pores and then massage some of the oil into your face and leave it on overnight, rinsing the next morning.  Hair: Apply on your hair roots and massage well for strengthening hair follicle.  

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