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Biotrex Chitosan 350Mg Capsule (60caps)




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About Biotrex Chitosan 350Mg Capsule Biotrex Chitosan is a unique remedy that is filled with various beneficial components that helps in enhancing overall health by maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure.Chitosan binds to the lipids in the digestive tract to prevent their metabolism, which further helps in Weight Management. It helps in enhancing overall health by maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure.Benefits of Biotrex Chitosan 350Mg Capsule  Aids In Weight Management Promotes Heart Health Helps In Maintaining The Blood Pressure VolumeIngredients of Biotrex Chitosan 350Mg Capsule ChitosanDosage of Biotrex Chitosan 350Mg Capsule As directed by the physician.Precautions of Biotrex Chitosan 350Mg Capsule  Self-medication of this medicine is not advised. Over-dosage may cause adverse effects. Take this medicine at a precise dose and for a limited period of time, as advised by the doctor. Keep away from children's reach. Pregnant and Lactating mothers should consult before taking this medicine.

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