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Cipzer Fenugreek Capsule (60caps)




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About Cipzer Fenugreek CapsuleCipzer Fenugreek Capsule is the best fenugreek supplement for breastfeeding mothers. Many women are having difficulties to produce enough milk to breastfeed their kid and it could be dangerous for your child because if he/she will not get enough milk to feed their appétit, they could get malnourished. This product is the unique formulation of Fenugreek seeds and natural extracts that are proven to be effective to boost milk production in breastfeeding mothers.Benefits/Uses of Cipzer Fenugreek Capsule  Helpful in producing milk in breastfeeding mothers  Also useful in controlling lowing blood sugar level and boosting testosterone  Natural Ingredients  Herbal product Anti inflammatoryIngredients of Cipzer Fenugreek Capsule Fenugreek extractDosage of Cipzer Fenugreek Capsule  Take a capsule twice a day after breakfast and dinner with milk   We would recommend you to talk with the doctor before using the product Precautions of Cipzer Fenugreek Capsule   Store in cool, dry place and dark place before using this product   Consult with your physician before using the product   Do not consume more than the given dosage   Keep it somewhere out of the reach of children

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