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About Cura Karela Jamun Ras Karela Jamun Ras is an effective remedy that is very useful to eradicate a number of crucial diseases from a human body. Karela, which is commonly known as squash or bitter gourd melon, is very bitter in taste as the name goes by. But, whatever the taste is, this is full of nutritional elements and very beneficial for the health. Jamun, on the other hand, known as blackberry or black plum has a number of healing properties, and it is a very good cure for increased blood sugar problems. Karela Jamun Ras is a natural blood purifier which makes it perfect for regulating blood sugar levels. It has rich iron content. Balu Herbals Karela Jamun Ras is hygienically extracted from pure jamun and karelaIndications of Cura Karela Jamun Ras  Maintains blood sugar levels Lowers bad cholesterol Cleanses the liver  Lowers blood pressure Detoxifies the body and boosts immunity  It is also good for glowing skin, lustrous hair and weight loss. Ingredients of Cura Karela Jamun Ras  Karela Jamun Arjuna Jala.Dosage of Cura Karela Jamun Ras  10-15 ml twice a day. Add 10-20 ml water according to taste. Ingredients of Cura Karela Jamun Ras  Keep away from children's reach. Self-medication is not recommended.  Store in a dry and cool place. Close medicine cap tightly after every use. Keep medicine in original package and container.

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