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FB Nutrition Creatine (300g)

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About FB Nutrition's CreatineCreatine is majorly found in muscle cells (95%) in phosphocreatine form. Rest 5% is stored in brain, liver and kidneys. Phosphocreatine is a form of stored energy in the cells, thus helps muscles to produce energy (ATP) during strenuous workout. Creatine is structurally similar to amino acids hence it is formed in the body from the amino acids glycine, arginine, and methionine. Factors affecting creatine stores of body include exercises, meat intake, amount of muscle mass, levels of testosterone and IGF-1. For athletes involved in high intensity exercises like weight lifting, creatine supplementation increases phosphocreatine in the muscles, resulting in more ATP formation, or more energy. Other benefits of creatine supplementation include enhanced brain health and prevention of neurological diseases.Vegetarians tend to have low creatine stores because they don't eat meat, which is the main natural dietary source. PROS:-  build lean muscle mass by reducing muscle breakdown enhanced recovery maximize performance/ maintain optimal performance and increase strength gain muscle, enhance strength and improve exercise performance  increases water content within muscle cells thus keeps the body hydrated.  greater gains in fat-free mass, muscle fibre and performance primarily of high intensity exercise.   FB Nutrition Creatine Nutrition Facts 1 serving of 5 gm (1 teaspoon) contains Creatine Monohydrate 5 gm  FB Nutrition Creatine Dosage People who are in loading phase, which is a strategy for rapid increase in muscle stores, take 20 gm creatine per day after consulting your certified gym trainer / dietitian.  Loading phase continues only for 5-7 days. Creatine has to be split in 5 gm serving a day.  Studies have proved that creatine absorption improves with a carbohydrate or protein packed meal due to insulin release.  Post loading phase, men shall take creatine 3-5 gm a day and women 3 gm per day.  Creatine pulls water into the muscle cell, hence take it with a glass of water and stay well hydrated. Not to be substituted with meals.  Not to be used for medicinal purposes. Consult your dietitian/ certified gym trainer prior to confirm dose along with diet and exercise regimen.  FB Nutrition Creatine Storage Keep the lid tightly closed. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight, and out of reach of children.  FB Nutrition Creatine Warning Consult your dietitian/ certified gym trainer prior to use. Not recommended for pregnant & lactating mothers.  Do not exceed recommended serving and daily intake.   People with pre-existing liver or kidney problems should consult with a doctor before its use. Creatine overdose can cause dehydration, GI distress, and even kidney or liver damage. 

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