Buy Fitsy 8006 Pull Rope Rst Band, Green 45 lb in Malaysia

Fitsy 8006 Pull Rope Rst Band, Green 45 lb




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Color Green
Size 45 lb
Country of Origin China

Use the FITSY Chest Expander to add progressive variable weighted resistance to your upper body strengthening programs Strengthen your upper body; open chest and shoulders with continual resistance
Up to 45lb Resistance: Interchange Resistance Cables from 15lbs to 45lbs peak resistance: 15lb + 15lb + 15lb = 45lb weighted peak resistance
Resistance training uses resistance or force to induce muscular contraction, which builds strength and anaerobic endurance. Resistance exercises also help you increase bone density, improve metabolism and decrease your risk of injury
FITSY resistance tubes are made of durable natural latex using FITSY's progressive layering technology to perform better and last longer than common extruded fitness cable; providing continuous tension to build strength and endurance
Package includes 1 Natural Latex Chest Expander.

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