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Fitsy Oval Shape Tricep Bar, Silver




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FITSY BICEPS TRICEPS BAR / HAMMER CURL BAR - A Perfect Workout Equipment that works not only the triceps, but can also target other parts of your upper body. Some common workouts that can be done using this egg rod are overhead triceps extensions, lying triceps extension, hammer curls, front raises, pullovers and close grip bench press.
STANDARD 1 INCH TRICEPS ROD - Standard 1 inch thickness that makes it ideal exercise equipment for home gym as well as for professional workouts. STRONG chrome plated iron construction weighs a total of 6KG. And for heavier workouts, 1 inch standard weights can be added. Spinlocks are provided along with this triceps curl bar.
ERGONOMIC DESIGNED - Perfect Size 3 feet triceps rod with handles 8 inch apart. The two handle bars are placed at just the right distance apart. This will give you a close, but still comfortable grip which will tap right into your triceps when doing overhead extensions or bench press. Knurled Handle for Improved Grip – Fitsy Triceps Bar features knurled handle which enhances your grip during lifting.
SPINLOCKS PROVIDED - No need to buy separate barbell lock. Your triceps bar comes with two spinlocks that holds the weight plates perfectly.

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