Buy Hawaiian Herbal Acidity Powder (200g) in Malaysia

Hawaiian Herbal Acidity Powder (200g)

Hawaiian Herbal


Hawaiian Herbal

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 About Hawaiian Herbal Acidity Powder   Hawaiian Herbal Acidity Powder is a dietary supplement that can help to maintain the digestive processes and overall condition of the contains haritaki, baheda and amla. It is 100% natural product which is halal and kosher certified and made under GMP regulations   Benefits of Hawaiian Herbal Acidity Powder  It can help to support the colon health  It may help to manage the energy levels  It may help to support the digestive system  It can help to provide overall support   Direction of Use of Hawaiian Herbal Acidity Powder Take 10g of powder Add this in water, soup, cereal, juice, etc   Precaution  If you are pregnant, lactating or nursing consult your doctor before the use  Discontinue two weeks before the surgery   Storage of Hawaiian Herbal Acidity Powder Store in a cool and dry place          

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