Buy Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein, 2 lb Unflavoured in Malaysia

Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein, 2 lb Unflavoured

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Nutrition Planet

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Weight 2 lb
Weight (kg) 0.91 kg
Protein % per Serving 80.0 %
Price per kg 1538.9 Rs/kg
Number of Servings 30
Serving Size 30 g
Protein per Serving 24 g
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Country of Origin India
Flavour Unflavoured
Brand Origin Indian
Form Powder
Packaging Jar
Goal Muscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Product Code/UPC 8903553036415
Weight Bucket 2.0 lb
Flavour Base Others
Protein per Serving Bucket 24.0 g
Protein 24 g
Calories 121
Protein % per Serving 80.0 %
Lifestage Adult
Gender Men

Daily Dose Of Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein For Improved Performance And Endurance

  • Every serving of Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein is packed with 24g of high-quality protein that boosts performance and endurance.
  • No filler ingredients ensure that the product delivers only high-quality whey protein.
  • Davisco Whey Protein from Nutrition Planet supports a gluten-free formula with no artificial colours and flavours.
  • Creamy delicious unflavoured taste with an 80% concentrated formula ensures the best taste and maximum results.
  • Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein delivers 6g of BCAA in every scoop which boosts muscle growth. 


About Brand and Product

Nutrition Planet is the world’s leading health supplement brand. The company is committed to providing 100% authentic and dependable products that promise the best results for sports enthusiasts and fitness lovers. The company through its staunch research and development team has rolled out fitness products and health supplements that genuine and best priced.

Davisco Whey Protein is a high-quality is whey protein formula that helps improve performance and endurance. Ideal for sports enthusiasts and fitness lovers, Nutrition Planet’s whey protein powder is ideal for increasing strength and building lean muscle mass. Davisco Whey Protein has 80% whey protein concentrate. It is further packed with 6g of BCAA per serving that aids muscle recovery and growth.


How It Works and Benefits 

The primary function of Davisco Whey Protein is to improve athletic performance and body strength. Individuals who replace other sources of calories with the best quality whey protein concentrate experience unfailing strength, significant weight loss and an increase in lean muscle mass. Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein is the best whey protein in India because it is prepared from fresh milk and is fortified with BCAA which boosts muscle growth. High-quality whey protein concentrate helps in rapid recovery from muscle fatigue and thus improves workout performance.


Benefits of Using Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein

Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein is the best whey protein brand. The high-quality whey protein supplement is fortified with essential amino acids and bestows the following benefits:

Aids in faster recovery: Post-workout recovery is crucial for enhancing performance and endurance. Daily dose of Davisco whey protein when consumed immediately after strenuous workouts trigger faster muscle recovery. It cuts down on muscle fatigue and soreness and nourishes and prepares the body for the next round of intense workout.

Helps in weight loss: Davisco whey protein supplement offers comprehensive nourishment to the body and thus cuts down on unwanted calorie intake. The body further eats into its fat reserves without losing precious muscle mass.

Provides strength and enhances endurance: Davisco whey protein is the best whey protein in India because of its quick absorption formula. With 80% protein concentrate, it provides the power to perform and sustain intense workouts.

No-filler formula: Davisco whey protein does not contain filler ingredients. This ensures that the whey protein supplement delivers only high-quality whey protein which yields the best results.

Build muscle mass: Proteins are the building blocks of muscle development. Whey protein is not just an important food for the muscles but also helps in reversing the damaging effects of muscle soreness and strain experienced post-workout. Whey protein, when fortified with BCAA, serves as the ideal nutrition for increased and enhanced muscle development.



Whey Protein: The main ingredient of Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein supplement is . Each serving of the Davisco whey protein powder delivers 24g of high-quality protein. The early morning dose helps you reduce your daily calorie intake and thus is imperative in fat loss and building of lean muscle mass. Pre-workout consumption of whey protein benefits in building strength and endurance. The high-quality whey protein concentrate when consumed immediately after workout aids in rapid muscle recovery and faster muscle development.

BCAA – Each serving of Davisco whey protein powder contains 6g of (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) which improve muscle growth, increase exercise performance. 


Recommended Dosage

Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein is available in two packing size – 2lb and 4lb. To meet individual tastes it comes in 6 different flavors – Unflavored, Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Caffe Mocha, and Irish Cream Chocolate.

To enjoy the best results of Nutrition Planet Davisco Whey Protein take one heaped scoop of whey protein powder mixed in 200-250ml of water or any fruit juice or beverage of choice. Stir nicely to form a creamy, lump-free drink. Consume this drink three times a day - early morning, 45 minutes - 1 hour before workout and one dose immediately after training.

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