Buy Organic Wellness Honey (Raw And Wild) (500g) in Malaysia

Organic Wellness Honey (Raw And Wild) (500g)

Organic Wellness


Organic Wellness

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About Organic Wellness Honey (Raw And Wild)Organic Wellness honey is raw and collected from wild forest is 100 % Natural and organic, certified by India organic, organic organic, jaivik Baharat and good for your health. Organic Wellness honey is smooth, fragrant, perfectly and irresistibly delicious while being a natural source of energy. This golden nectar rich in wild forest tastes and aromas is sustainably collected in the Himalayan forest by apis dorsata laboriosa, the Himalayan honey bee & apis cerana indica, the Indian honey bee, where flowering trees and plants grow in abundance (and are never sprayed with chemicals). organic honey is naturally complete with healthful minerals and nutrients & perfect for adding sweetness to your life by the spoonful, as well as your favourite tulsi tea toast & desserts. Organic honey naturally tends to crystallize.   Ingredients of Organic Wellness Honey (Raw And Wild) Organic Raw Honey     Uses/Benefits of Organic Wellness Honey (Raw And Wild) A good source of antioxidants. Raw honey contains an array of plant chemicals that act as antioxidants Antibacterial and Antifungal properties, Heal wounds Help for digestive issues Soothe a sore throat Organic Wellness Organic Honey is certified with certifications of India Organic, USDA Organic Jaivik Bharta and FSSAI which helps ensure that product is organically certified and rich in quality How to use of Organic Wellness Honey (Raw And Wild) Can be used daily 1 teaspoon before breakfast and can be used in place of suagr in daily use. Precautions of Organic Wellness Honey (Raw And Wild) keep away from reach of children. Self medication is not recommended. store in cool and dry place. keep the cap of the bottle closed tightly. keep the medicine in original package and container.

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