Buy Rohn Healthcare Immuz Tablet (60tab) in Malaysia

Rohn Healthcare Immuz Tablet (60tab)

Rohn Healthcare


Rohn Healthcare

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Rohn Healthcare Immuz Tablet Tablets that come with natural health boosters and antioxidants.It is a Vitamin supplement with plant extracts and zinc.Being an anti-oxidant, provides a protective shield to the body cells against the possible damage from free -radicals. Ingredients in Rohn Healthcare Immuz Tablet Vitamin C, Amla Extract, Orange Peel, Extract Zinc Action of Ingredients in Rohn Healthcare Immuz TabletVitamin C- Vitamin C is an essential vitamin which plays a major rule in fighting against the infections,  needed by the body to form collagen. It helps in repair and maintaining and boosting the natural defense mechanism of the body. Amla Extract- Amla is a source of Vitamin C, which helps in fighting the bacterial, viral infections and regulates the body metabolism and improves the natural body immunity.Orange Peel- Orange is yet another source of Vitamin C and similar to other they improve the body defense mechanism and helps regulate the blood pressure and sugar levels.Zinc- It is useful in normal metabolism in the body, helps to boost the defense mechanism of the body. It is useful in building the immunity.Dosage / How to use Rohn Healthcare Immuz Tablet1 Tablet daily after breakfast or as directed by physician.Precaution for Rohn Healthcare Immuz TabletUse under medical supervisionDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of reach of childrenRead the label carefully before useStore in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat 

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