Buy The Man Company Shaving Foam Jet Black Razor & Post shave, 3 Piece(s)/Pack for All Skin Types in Malaysia

The Man Company Shaving Foam Jet Black Razor & Post shave, 3 Piece(s)/Pack for All Skin Types

The Man Company


The Man Company

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The Man Company Shaving Foam Jet Black Razor & Post shave,  3 Piece(s)/Pack  for All Skin Types




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Skin Type All
Size 3 Piece(s)/Pack
Type for All Skin Types
Gender Men
Concern Other Concern
Country of Origin India
Product Code/UPC 8907367009870
The Man Company premium Razor comes with 5+1 blades made with German technology. The Ionic Carbon Edge technology of these diamond-coated blades assures durability and sharpness of the edges. 5 L-shaped blades placed closely for comfort shave and easy rinse. On the back of the cartridge there’s a styling trimmer blade for precision trimming and shaping of the edge. A special lubricated strip with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera is placed right on top of the 5 blades to avoid irritation and refresh and hydrate the skin. There’s a comfortable, light-weight and wide-grip handle for better control. There’s an easy release push button at the back which makes it convenient to change cartridges without any fuss. The Razors come in three vibrant colors- Jet Black, Midnight Blue and Tuscan Yellow.The Man Company Shaving Foam for men is a premium shave foam that improves skin's quality and your shaving experience. The rich foam lather allows for an easy, smooth shaving experience. This shaving foam is natural and free of harmful chemicals. It can be categorized as one of the best shaving foam in the world taking into account the natural ingredients it constitutes. The shaving foam for men is formulated with Lemon Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Extracts. The rich lather offers an amazing shaving experience that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Step 1: Splash water on your face Step 2: Apply foam evenly and in circular motion, on your beard Step 3: Shave as usual. Rinse off after shaving Also a little goes a long way! This shaving foam for men lasts for upto 60 -70 shaves.
The Jojoba & Mint Post-Shave Lotion contains six essential oils for moisturizing, healing and conditioning. It helps in soothing post-shave skin irritation, heals cuts & burns generally caused by the razor and has a cooling effect. It also moisturizes the skin while maintaining the skin's oil balance, making it suitable even for oily skin.

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