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Vogue Wellness Andro Young Tablets (30tab)

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About Andro Young TabletsThe quality of being a youth is linked with the age of a person   but we believe activeness is a much more important aspect of youthfulness.   Therefore, we formulated a coenzyme q10 supplement india which helps to   restore the youth in you. These coenzyme q10 tablets benefits the person   solving problems like low stamina, low energy and stress. The main reason   behind the success of the Androyoung coenzyme q10 tablets India is that they   fulfill the CoQ10 requirements of the body for energy production which can   fall short due to various factors including natural ageing. CoQ10 levels can   fall in people who take a lot of anti-inflammatory pain killers, are on   migraine therapy, liver medication, cardiovascular treatments etc. CoQ10   levels are also low in people having fertility problems, increased stress   levels or constant muscular fatigue. Our coenzyme Q10 capsules benefits the   body by boosting up energy levels when taken regularly.  Features of  Andro Young TabletsThe Levocarnitine present in our Androyoung tablets works in sync with   CoQ10 to provide protection to the heart from various toxic oxidation hazards   or side effects of CV drug therapy. The Coenzyme Q10 in these capsules   together with lycopene and L- carnitine can prove to be of great help for   obese people by helping improve poor growth and easy fatigability. Theese   pills can also be helpful in benefitting people who snore (Sleep Apnea). Benefits of Andro Young TabletsIt Promotes good cardiovascular health and also it is great for improved stamina (endurance) levels.Boosts heart   health, immunity and overall physical fitness.Nutrients facts of Andro Young Tablets Co-Enzyme Q10 100 mg  Levo Carnitine 500 mg  Lycopene 10% 5000 mcg Zinc Sulphate 25 mg Vitamin B12 5 mcg 

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