Buy Voll Sante Rite Ω3 - Multi Grain Flakes with DHA (50g) in Malaysia

Voll Sante Rite Ω3 - Multi Grain Flakes with DHA (50g)

Voll Sante


Voll Sante


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length 17
width 15
height 5
weight 50
About Voll RiTE Ω3 - Multi-Grain Flakes with DHA:Voll RiTE Ω3 - Multi-Grain Flakes with DHA is a rich source of fibre, protein and essential nutrients required by the body for its growth. These flakes come with DHA or Docosahexaenoic Acid which is beneficial for the growth of children at an early age.These multigrain flakes also come fortified with all essential multivitamins and minerals required by the body and promote a healthy lifestyle among the users. These flakes are easy to digest and are free from trans fat & cholesterol, which makes it an ideal dietary supplement for individuals into fitness. This product is great for all and is ideally consumed with milk. This package is for single use only and comes bundled with 200ml Amul toned milk pack along with an eco-friendly spoon, bowl & a tissue paper.Product Highlights: DHA is known to provide CV, brain, eye and nervous system benefits Rich source of Protein* Source of Fibre High in Vitamin A, B1, Vitamin B12, Pantothenate & Folic Acid Source of Vitamin B6 Trans Fat-Free Cholesterol Free*As per Codex Alimentarius Commission GuidelinesCo-packed with AMUL 200ml toned milk fortified with Vitamin A & D, Eco-friendly Spoon, bowl & tissue paperSpecifications: Length (cm): 17 Width (cm): 15 Height (cm): 5 Weight (gm): 50Benefits: A rich source of protein, fibre & other essential multivitamins and minerals. Beneficial for kids under 5 as DHA helps in brain development & improves overall health Easy to consume & digest Free from trans fat & CholesterolIndications: Empty the contents of the pack in a bowl Add 200ml of milk in it (preferably lukewarm) supplied with the pack Mix well & consumeIngredients:Multigrain Flakes (79%) Corn Flakes (24%) Wheat Flakes (22%) Rolled Oats (20%) Barley Flakes (7%) Rice Flakes (6%)Dried Fruits and Nuts (10.5%) Dehydrated Mixed Fruits (4.5%) Almonds (3%) Raisins (3%)Jaggery (4%)Honey (3%)Malt Extract (2%)Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)VitaminsAntioxidants (INS 306 & INS 322)Precautions: Results may vary with lifestyle and diet adopted. Depending upon the lighting and screen resolution, the colour of the product may slightly vary.

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