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Zindagi Stevia Tablets (100tab, Pack of 5)




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About Zindagi Stevia TabletsStevia tablets are prepared with high-quality stevia extract which gives a perfect sweetness with great taste and health benefits.Benefits of Zindagi Stevia Tablets Zindagi Stevia Tablets zero sugar is a 100% natural sugarfree. It is a Diabetic friendly sweetener, It is very helpful to manage calorie intake. Stevia Tablets contains pure Stevia extracts which is a 100% natural herb.  Natural stevia liquid blends easily in any sweet dish & beverages, It can be cooked and baked. Stevia sweetener is 100% safe for Children, Pregnant Women & for daily use. Material feature: Vegetarian, Shelf life 24 months.  Safe for cooking & baking.Active Ingredients of Zindagi Stevia Tablets Stevia Extract Tablets About Zindagi He stepped up into the world of STEVIA- a Sweet Shrub with a motive to provide natural sweetener to the Food & Beverage industry with a thought that it would bring a revolution in the respective industry. With no background in the world of natural sweetener, his own experience opened his mind to different formulations with Stevia as a sugar substitute in a wide variety of food & beverages and encouraged him to bring up more innovations with Stevia.  Dosage and Instructions of Zindagi Stevia Tablets 1 Tablets = 1 teaspoon of sugar in sweetness. Add 1-2 tablets according to taste. Storage of Zindagi Stevia Tablets Store in a cool and dark place, away from moisture.

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