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PGX Daily Ultra Matrix - 750 MG (120 Softgels)
PGX ® Daily supports healthy weight loss and overall good health. It helps lower the glycemic index of your meals and promote healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range. Incorporating PGX into your daily diet will promote satiety, curb food cravings and normalize appetite and metabolism.
Natural Factors
Leanfire Control Appetite Support (30 Capsules)
LeanFire Control features two innovative blends that work simultaneously to suppress your appetite and support weight loss, for impressive results that you can see and feel.The primary ingredient in the Absolute Control Matrix is Supresa, a natural fast-active crave control compound that helps reduce hunger, curb sugar cravings, and minimize snacking between meals. In a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study, Supresa was shown to decrease snacking by a significant amount compared to the placebo. Other natural time-tested ingredients like white kidney bean extract further help you overcome cravings and take control.As your cravings subside, ingredients to help support weight loss and boost metabolism work to accelerate your progress. The Weight Loss Acceleration Blend is designed to cleanly and efficiently burn calories as part of your healthy lifestyle, with green tea extract and premium zumXR extended release caffeine delivering a healthy metabolic improvement. These natural constituents supply you with lasting, clear energy, working to reduce the tiring effects of diet fatigue and helping you experience head-turning body-transformation results month after month.
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Hydroxycut Gummies - Mixed Fruit (90 Gummies)
Hydroxycut Gummies New great tasteAdded B Vitamins to help metabolize fats, proteins and carbsLose weight with scientifically researched key ingredientNon-stimulant
C.U.R.B Reloaded Appetite-Suppressant Activator (120 Capsules)
APPETITE SUPPRESSANT ACTIVATORRELOADED: with Supresa Saffron extract, Garcinia Cambogia and Glucomannan in each serving!Featuring Patented Supresa Saffron extract shown in clinical studies to dramatically C.U.R.B. appetite and control cravings in as little as 14 days.Scientifically engineered and RELOADED with the world's most impactful appetite modifiers needed by your body in order to create extraordinary results.Reduces CravingsReduces AppetiteReduces StressIncreases Satiety
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