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Shivalik Herbals Kalonji Oil, 60 capsules
The Shivalik Herbals Kalonji Oil Capsules are natural capsules containing bleed seed oil that enhances your overall health. These seeds are also known as blessed seeds which help you remain naturally fit and keeps your immune system strong helping it to fight diseases. This kalonji oil can treat all the diseases and helps you maintain your overall health. These capsules can effectively treat a wide range of diseases like digestive problems, skin problems, asthma and also infertility. Consuming these tablets will help you remain strong, fit and disease free.    Contains essential nutrients   These natural capsules contain herbal ingredients that provide effective results, promoting overall health. The black seed oil in these Shivalik Herbals Kalonji Oil Capsules contains fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. They makes your body strong and enhances the health by not only helping in the proper functioning of immune system but also helping in the healthy functioning of digestive, circulatory, respiratory and hormonal system. They keep you healthy and reduce the chances of diseases, keeping your body safe and protected.   
Shivalik Herbals