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Oxygize Portable Oxygen Canister, Natural 10 L
It’s time to take control of what you breathe with Oxygize! A few deep breaths of this pure oxygen and you are all fresh and energetic. Health status, activity level, and hydration are factors that affect how much oxygen a person needs. Cellular respiration is the term used to describe the phase of the digestive process when food breaks down to supply cells with energy. Oxygen deprivation doesn’t have to be sudden, like choking or drowning, to be a problem. The reasons are varied viz. pollution, intense workout, sports activities, alcohol consumptions and poor indoor air quality are among them. The solution to this is Pure Oxygen which is a natural blend for all the negative effects of low oxygen. A few deep breaths and you are good to go! This is ideal for athletes who use this technique as a part of their regular training programs as recovery is easier this way. Supporting oxygen permits the athlete to train harder and longer and to recover faster. Ideal for  Respiratory issues during travel, a hectic lifestyle and living in a polluted environment. Helps to restore the body’s oxygen levels to normal, healthy state. Canned Oxygen refreshes in a way that helps work better and focus more. Instant remedy for breathlessness, fatigue, headache nausea and jetlag/air travel. Handy for those who need oxygen therapy in rehabilitation phase, dementia weak brain function, low muscle tone and ulcers too. Contains 10 litres of canned oxygen or 150 breaths approx- please use 2-3 breaths at a time ideally. Shelf life/expiry is 3 Years from date of filling P.S. This product is categorized as recreational oxygen and must not be used in place of Medical Oxygen for COPD and related requirements. Not recommended for children below 12 years of age