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Organic India Triphala, 60 capsules
Organic India Triphala, 60 capsules is a traditional herb used as a medicine to get rid of diverse disorders. This soothing herb is developed with three fabulous ingredients namely, amalaki, haritaki and vibhitaki. Triphala assists in fetching optimal liver, colon and spleen health. In addition to this, it promotes cardio vascular health. Assists in purifying the blood and supports better circulation to lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure. It’s rich source of nutrition guarantees enhanced vision.  Heals gastro-intestinal problems Unique combo of three strong medicinal herbs and vitamin C source, this is most appropriate supplement prescribed to those who suffer from indigestion. Integrated with amalaki, haritaki and vibhitaki, this dietary supplement helps in breakdown of food, evacuation of toxins from intestinal walls, clears your colon to avoid constipation, bloating and abdominal cramps. It assures healthy liver, spleen to promote digestion. Also ensures higher metabolism with greater immune strength. Triphala acts as a cleansing agent to sustain your digestive system fresh and healthy. Thus, get Organic India Triphala Capsules, 60 capsules which promises ultimate protection to your gastro-intestinal system that certainly helps you to stay well.
Organic India
Natures Velvet Triphala Pure Extract (500 mg), 60 capsules
Natures Velvet Triphala Pure Extract, 60 capsules
Natures Velvet
Way2Herbal Triphala, 120 tablet(s)
Way2Herbal Triphala
Shivalik Herbals Triphala, 120 capsules
Shivalik Herbals Triphala capsules are formulated containing a combination of three different fruits, amla, vibhitaki and haritaki. The extracts of these three fruits provide various health benefits to your body. The capsules enhance the function of eyes, skin and heart while keeping them protected. Being rich in antioxidants, amla found in these capsules helps in eliminating harmful toxins from the body and provide you with increased energy and stamina that keeps you active throughout the day. Intake of these capsules stimulates the functions of digestive system and improves the functioning of other organs, like lungs, urinary tract and muscles. Additionally, triphala is also helpful in increasing good cholesterol level and stabilising high blood pressure levels. Regular consumption of these capsules increases hemoglobin level and helps in weight reduction as well. So, grab one for you to enjoy a long and healthy life.
Shivalik Herbals
Mahaved Triphala Extract, 60 capsules
Mahaved Triphala Extract
Herbal Hills Triphala Powder Pack of 2, 1 kg
Herbal Hills Triphala Powder Pack of 2
Herbal Hills
Healthvit Triphala Powder (250 mg), 60 capsules
Triphala has been in use for centuries. It is one of the most popular Ayurvedic traditional medicines because of its numerous health benefits. Basically the combination of amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki, it is a real boon to Ayurveda. Whether you are looking for a medicine that can help regulate the functioning of your cardiovascular system and liver or stimulate your digestive system, the Healthvit Triphala Powder, 60 Capsules can help. It acts as a body’s internal cleanser, improves digestion, reduces cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure and boost immunity.  Further, this product acts as a powerful antioxidant and can help you with skin related problems. For those suffering from constipation, this product can be an excellent solution.
Biotrex Triphala (500 mg), 60 capsules
Biotrex Triphala (500 mg)
Morpheme Remedies Triphala (500 mg), 60 veggie capsule(s)
Morpheme Triphala capsules are made from triphala extract, which works as an effective medicine for various health issues. These capsules detoxify your body and clean out waste, which rejuvenates all the organs of your body keeping you healthy. They are useful for the patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Intake of this supplement helps in reducing cholesterol level and prevents various heart-related problems. Triphala has antioxidant properties, so it eliminates free radicals from the body and prevents premature ageing of the cells. It also lowers down the level of blood pressure and hypertension. The immunity of your body is enhanced by having triphala, which keeps you protected from various health problems. These triphala capsules help in reducing liver disorders to improve the digestion of fats in your body. Also, these capsules provide relief from constipation and cleanse your colon, thus keeping your digestive system healthy. So, get one for yourself and experience the change. 
Morpheme Remedies
Herbal Hills Triphalahills Value Pack, 700 capsules
Rich in herbal ingredients, the Herbal Hills Triphalahills capsules work effectively to keep your colon healthy. These capsules help cleanse and detoxify the digestive tract, helping in proper functioning of the digestive system. The herbal components include Haritaki, Baheda, and Amla. They work as digestive cleansers and have positive effects on the digestive tract. They purify your blood and maintain proper blood circulation. Additionally, triphala works as an antioxidant and provides protection against harmful free radicals that can cause premature ageing. Antioxidant presence also makes these capsules work as immunity boosters, protecting you from various harmful infections. Intake of these capsules removes toxins from your body and increases your energy level to keep you active all day. They provide relief from mild to moderate constipation. So, try these Herbal Hills Triphalahills capsules to maintain the overall health of your digestive system.  
Herbal Hills
Livestamin Triphala Extract, 60 capsules
Livestamin Triphala Extract, 60 capsules
Herbal Hills Triphala Powder, 1 kg
Herbal Hills Triphala Powder is made of herbal ingredients, including Haritaki, Baheda & Amla. Triphala is a powerful body stimulant that helps in managing your overall health. It acts as a detoxfier and removes toxins from your body, which rejuvenates body organs. Triphala powder has antioxidant properties and thus it removes harmful free radicals from the body and prevents premature ageing of cells. Intake of this supplement boosts the immunity of your body, and keeps you fit and active. It works as an effective colon cleanser and maintains the overall health of your digestive system. Additionally, triphala possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which keep your joints healthy. Various digestive disorders, like constipation, can also be treated by triphala. So, try this Herbal Hills Triphala Powder to improve your overall digestion and remain healthy. 
Herbal Hills