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Spruce Shave Club Bergamot & Lavender Beard Oil with Beard Wash

Spruce Shave Club


Spruce Shave Club

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Get your beard game on point with the Spruce Shave Club Bergamot and Lavender Beard Bundle which is made with 100% natural and pure essential oils.

This pack contains:

Natural Bergamot & Lavender Beard Oil (30ml)

The Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil with bergamot and lavender is a 100% natural beard growth oil that has been specially designed by experts using only the purest and most natural essential oils to help boost beard growth. This beard growth oil contains ingredients such as almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and apricot oil which help nourish and strengthen the roots of beard hair and promote a denser and faster growth. Not only does it help with faster growth, it also helps tame your beard frizz and manage your beard. Packed with vitamin E, this oil also works to nourish and smoothen your existing beard, enhancing manageability and shine.

Bergamot & Lavender Beard Wash (100ml)

The Spruce Shave Club Beard Wash with bergamot and lavender is made using natural ingredients and is enriched with pure essential oils to give your beard the nourishment that it deserves. The Beard Wash helps to cleanse the beard from all impurities and dirt while increasing the hair strength to prevent hair fall. It also helps you to maintain a thick and strong beard. The wash also contains beneficial extracts such as aloe vera that reduce dandruff in the beard and gives you a clean, stylish and elegant beard style.

Both the beard growth oil and the beard wash contain lavender essential oil, black pepper essential oil, bergamot essential oil and patchouli essential oil that give them a light and refreshing scent to keep your beard feeling fresh at all times. If you are looking to step up your beard grooming game this pack is perfect for you.

Completely cruelty free products and freee from sulphates and parabens.

Shelf Life: 24 Months from the date of manufacturing

How to Use?

Beard Oil: Take four-five drops of the oil on your palm for an even distribution. Work it between your palms and the apply thoroughly on your beard and moustache. Take care to massage the oils down to the skin so that it can provide maximum benefits.

Beard Wash:
Wet your beard and take a small amount of the beard wash on your palm. apply the wash into your beard for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a soft towel.