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The Spruce Shave Club Travel Kit is a spacious and classy pouch that holds all travel essentials. Made from waxed canvas, the pouch is waterproof to ensure protection of items inside and around it. It has an additional waterproof lining on the inside to protect against any damage from spillage. The two separate compartments on the pouch make it easy to segregate products and organize your travel. The pouch has 2 additional compartments inside the main pocket to help you seperate your necessities. Overall, this Travel Kit is designed to be a traveler's perfect companion.

The kit contains:

  • Waterproof waxed canvas material with waterproof inner lining to keep products safe.
  • 2 compartments to help segregate products.
  • Spacious pouch that can strore all travel essentials.
  • Elegant design so you can travel in style.

Additional Information: Experience an ultimate shaving experience with the most premium shaving razors and blades made in the USA.A perfect alternative option to buying the traditional high priced razors, the brand manufactures safe, herbal and gentle shaving products that contribute to an environment-friendly and cruelty-free world.

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