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De-tan your skin in the most natural way with Spruce Shave De Tan Coffee Face Wash. Made with organic coffee sourced from local plantations, this face wash for men has been carefully crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and extracts to deliver a safer and more refreshing de tan experience. Coffee is a powerful ingredient that helps to reduce cellulite in skin, even skin tone and remove dead skin cells to help remove tan and deliver brighter and clearer skin. This coffee face wash is also enriched with citric acid which helps to remove dead skin cells and speeds new cell turnover. This detan face wash helps to promote new skin growth and alleviate the appearance of age spots, acne scars, small wrinkles and areas of uneven tone and texture. This tan removal face wash is also enriched with glycolic acid which effectively exfoliates the skin to remove the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, revealing brighter and fresher skin.


  • Detan your skin: This face wash helps to remove unwanted tan, even your skin tone and reveal brighter, tan-free skin
  • Power of coffee: Coffee is a natural exfoliating agent that has powerful tan removal properties and helps clear away dead skin cells and unclog pores. The chlorogenic acids in coffee may also helps to reduce inflammation
  • Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells: Glycolic acid is the holy grail for exfoliation, effectively removing the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, revealing brighter and fresher skin
  • Deep skin cleanse: Helps to deep cleanse your skin, control excess oil and remove all dirt, impurities and toxins
  • Natural ingredients and extracts: Enriched with a blend of natural extracts like aloe vera, glycerin, vitamin E and coffee oil which all work in tandem to protect your skin against harsh sun rays and pollutants to ensure that your skin is always looking its best
  • Free from sulphates and parabens: This product is free from sulfates, parabens and harmful chemicals that might damage or irritate your skin


Purified Water, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocodiethanol Amide, Sodium C-14-16, Alpha OlephinSulphonate, Sodium Methyl Oleoyl Taurate, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Veg Glycerine, Pure Organic Coffee Ext, Menthol Flakes, Tween 80, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Ext, Peg-150, Glycolic Acid, Organic Coffee Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Methyl Chloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Natural Fragrance

How to Use?

Moisten your face and work up the lather and massage cleanser all over the face. Wash your face with clean water. For better results, use the face cleanser twice a day.

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